10 ways to be a better friend


‘In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips.’

Whether it’s our first fight, having an empty pocket, or needed a shoulder to lean on, friends are the first people to remember. A good friend is our first for everything; from bunking class to love life tips or first drink; they are always there to make life fun, exciting and thrilling. We all have a good friend by our side, who is always there to support us, but the question is, are you a better friend?
In the world of social media and social distancing, this article is for all those friends out there searching and trying ways to be a better friend. Let’s take one step further to improve your relationship and add a tempering of quality to your friendship goals.

Qualities to be a better friend

1. Be Honest
‘The most valuable gift you can get is an honest friend.’
Honesty is the key step in all relationships, whether family, love, or friendship. If you are not honest, there’s nothing healthy in the relationship. If you want to be a better friend, always praise the good in your friend but also never hesitate to tell them the flaws. Maybe the truth is hard to hear at first, but initially, friends somehow always find a way to blend kindness and authenticity.
2. Give Encouragement
‘No one is perfect, and that’s why pencils have erasers
No one is perfect; we all have some flaws. Thus, when your friend makes a mistake or does something you disagree with, that’s ok. If they are wrong, you can encourage them to the right path and help them be the best version of themselves.
3. Be loyal
‘A loyal friend is worth more than thousands of fake ones.’
We all go through some rough paths, where sometimes we have to make difficult choices and hard decisions. That is when you have a chance to be a better friend. How can you accept loyalty in return if you are not loyal to your friend?
Thus, no matter how many seasons of friendship you have to go through, being loyal regardless of any situation is all that matters.
4. Never Judge
‘True friends don’t judge each other; they judge others’
Everyone has their struggle, and so do your friends. In the journey of life, they have to make a few hard decisions, and that’s ok. You are not there to judge them; you support them, which is why friends are for.

5. Share the load/ Always be by their side
‘A real friend walks in when others walk out.’
If your friend is in some problem or needs your help, always be the first helping hand to them. It is the power of friendship that can let you share the heaviest loads like cotton.
6. Say sorry when you need to
‘It’s never too late to apologize.’
Admitting your mistakes is harder than said. But it is the only way to make people realize that you value your friendship. Saying sorry or admitting your mistakes will only make you a better friend.
7. Give them time
Sometimes the best bonds fade away due to lack of time. Don’t let it happen with your friendship bond. To be a better friend, be available for your friends and give them time.
8. Defend your friends when they are not around
Real friends bitch on your face and care secretly. To be a better friend, always be ready to defend your friend behind their back.
9. Be a good listener
Sometimes, it is ok to be a listener rather than a talker. If your friend wants to talk, let them. And listen attentively, putting one step forward in solving their problems.
10. Accept them the way they are
The beauty of friendship is that it never judges you, no matter what color you are, what background you are, what gender you are, and how many flaws you have. All it takes to be a better friend is to accept your friend the way they are.
We hope these 10 ways to be a better friend will help you be your friends' memory bank, moral compass, and love life guru and create an unbreakable bond between you.